You’d love the chance to chat directly to your customers about what you’re doing and how your products and services are helping people achieve their goals, wouldn’t you?

Of course you would – so why is business blogging such a terrifying prospect for so many organisations?

Much like public speaking, blogging is an acquired skill that becomes easier the more you do it. So long as you know the rules and have a rough idea of what you’re talking about, it’s not at all frightening.

And the benefits of blogging make a compelling case for giving it a go. You’ll:

  • Reach out to new and existing customers and develop relationships by encouraging and responding to feedback.
  • Extend your reach by using blogs to tell the story behind your latest product or service. Don’t forget to promote your blogs on social media.
  • Improve your search engine listings because blogs embedded in your website are a great way to keep your content fresh and updated.
  • Build trust and improve your business reputation by having a strong voice and showing that no matter how small your business might be, you know your stuff.

Best of all, it’s free marketing. Blogs don’t have to be essays, a photo or cartoon with a few lines of amusing text will keep your blog up to date and keep people interested.

But if you do start a blog, remember to keep it up. A website blog that hasn’t been updated in months makes it look like your business hasn’t been doing anything either.