Once upon a time search engine optimisation (SEO) was all about stuffing your web content with keywords, because back then it was simply a numbers game to get your site high in the search rankings.

Thankfully, led by Google, the game has changed. Search engines have matured and websites full of irrelevant keywords are now likely to be ignored from search results in favour of pertinent, original content.

And that’s great news both for readers, who want to find useful information easily, and web content creators, who want to write for the benefit of real people, not search robots.

While keywords are still part of SEO, search engine algorithms are regularly changing, so keeping visibility in searches is an ongoing process. Paid search engine advertising, while valuable as part of a broader marketing strategy, won’t entirely fill the gap.

Time spent using analytic tools will show which parts of your site perform best, where your traffic is coming from and what people are looking for – all useful for honing your visibility and presence on the web.

Keeping your website fresh with regular updates, well-written content and relevant links will not only keep your regular visitors engaged, but will also make it easier for new readers to find your site.