I’ve been creating content for various small businesses in Perth for some time.  E-newsletters sent regularly are a great way of keeping in touch with valuable prospective clients as well as past clients, but how can you ensure they are read and will ultimately help your business?

Here are some top tips I’ve compiled to help:

  1. One of the greatest tricks is to ensure you have a subject header so people will open them. It is the most important aspect of your email communication as that subject header will be the make or break of being able to draw people in to click open. Take time to write that all important header line.  It should be your priority not your last.
  1. What should you write as a subject header? It needs to be short and snappy, so no longer than 50 characters. If you saw an email land in your inbox, which would you rather open ‘November newsletter’ or ‘Outstanding news for winter’?  Try if you can, to personalise the subject line so it mentions the name of the person it’s being sent too.  Above all it shouldn’t be bland.  Numbers are good to use in subject headers too as it has been shown to increase reader engagement.
  1. Timing is key. Think carefully about when you want to send it and how that will affect click-open rates. Generally midweek e-newsletters work best as people are in the swing of the working week. Late morning or early afternoon have proven to be far better than first thing in the morning or later in the day. Research has shown that the optimum time is 2pm on a Wednesday to send it out.
  1. Don’t set yourself too high expectations. An opening rate of 20% is good (yes you read that right).   As your email list grows with more recipients, the opening rate goes down.  It really isn’t a good idea to have thousands of recipients.  You could always consider breaking the list down and being more targeted with different topics to different groups.
  1. Always send regularly as people will get into the swing of receiving your e-newsletter. Certain spam filters will block out what they believe are less scrupulous email shots so avoid strong sales words. The top 7 words to avoid are $$, free, cheap, earn, help, reminder and per cent. Also, avoid using exclamation marks and continuous capital letters.
  1. Content is important, people have short attention spans so I would suggest no more than four or five items within an e-newsletter. Don’t forget 70% of people will be reading it on a smart phone and may be distracted so you need to engage them with subjects they want to know more about.  For example, what have you taken away from this short blog? Look what has been written and digest any new information. Always remember to add value if you can.
  1. Learn from your past e-newsletters. Check your open rates and cancellation rates. An e-newsletter can be created easily with templates such as Greenrope and Mailchimp.  So, what are you are waiting for?  Oh Wednesday 2pm…I see!

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